Oil & Gas

SANBORN is among the leading manufacturers of parts for equipment in the Oil & Gas industry, supplying components for the world’s leading manufacturers of Oil & Gas applications. We use innovative engineering technology, state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, measuring instruments and test equipment to ensurethe highest quality levels. 

Our components are used in the most demanding applications. This requires high quality, precision, craftsmanship and quality materials used. Our components can be found worldwide in oil rigsand refineries, valves, oil & gas pipelines, gas compressors.


dril rigtooling
piston rod

Manufacturing and Quality processes

All processes, materials, subcontracting and inspection services are monitored throughout the entire production. We pride ourselves on our custom manufacturing services. Through close collaboration with the customer, we create parts based on individual requirements, as well as industry standards and documentation. Customers are also able to supply materials or semi-finished products and we provide the final machining of the product.

SANBORN uses the latest technology for machining, CNC turning, drilling, grinding and milling. We have both vertical and horizontal machining centres. Special processes such as thread rolling, deep hole drilling and diamond belt grinding are used throughout the production. SANBORN also place great importance on the quality of the product. The complete production process is accompanied by measurement and checking processes which are appropriately documented.


  • stemy
  • hangers
  • rings
  • piston rods and nuts
  • piston housings
  • sealings connectors
  • lock srews
  • lift nuts
  • cylinders
  • mandrels
  • bushings


  • 34CrNiMo6
  • 30CrNiMo8
  • 42CrMo4
  • AISI4140
  • AISI4130
  • Nimonic 80A
  • Inconel 718


  • flZnnc plating – Geomet, Delta, Zintek, Magni
  • Aquence
  • Zn, Cu plating
  • MnPh plating

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