New machines KL 285Y and NLX 2000/500-SY

In the Autumn 2022 the machining park of Sanborn company expanded by two new machines. The first machine, KL285Y CNC lathe. Already fourth unit produced and delivered to our company by Kovosvit MAS. This time in version with one spindle, C and Y axis and driven tools. It is a reliable machine suitable for one piece production and serial production of parts up to max. length of 550 mm and max. diameter of 285 mm. 

The second machine, TOP Japanese turning center DMG MORI SEIKI NLX 2000/500-SY equipped with a Swiss LNS bar feeder in configuration with two spindles, one turret, driven tools, Y and C axis on both spindles. The rigid structure with sliding guides and the bar feeder predestined this machine for the production of large series of high-precision and complex rotary parts.