SANBORN uses the latest technology for machining, CNC turning, drilling, grinding and milling. We have both vertical and horizontal machining centres. Special processes such as thread rolling, deep hole drilling and diamond belt grinding are used throughout the production.

Custom manufacturing and machining

All processes, materials, subcontracting and inspection services are monitored throughout the entire production. We pride ourselves on our custom manufacturing services. Through close collaboration with the customer, we create parts based on individual requirements, as well as industry standards and documentation. Customers are also able to supply materials or semi-finished products.

Specialty fasteners

Production of specialty fasteners utilizes a wide range of steels from carbon steels to high alloy materials. Fasteners are made from M10 and up. These products are widely used for heat- and pressure-exposed joints at temperatures from -50°C to 650°C. We also provide surface finishes per customer´s requirements.

Threads can be either cut or rolled up to M210. Apart from carbon steels, we have vast experience with machining alloys with nickel content, e.g. Nimonic, Inconel, etc. A list of used materials is attached.

Other specialty fasteners include anti vandalism bolt and nut combination. They are used to prevent theft  and dismantling  of high voltage transmission towers, bridges etc.  These fasteners are used where rivets or welding is not acceptable or allowed.

Manufacturing Processes:

  • Turning – max. 5,000 mm horizontally and 4,000 mm vertically
  • Milling – max. 1,000 x 1,000 x 1,600 mm
  • Grinding – max. diameter 630 mm x 4,000 mm
  • Thread Rolling – max. diameter up to M 210
  • Deep drilling – max. diameter of 42 mm to a length of 2,500 mm
  • CAD and CAM support – AutoCAD, Inventor, GibbsCAM, Kovoprog

Selected Machinery:

DMG 100U duoblock

DMG 100U duoblock
Max. diameter 1000 mm, max. height 1600mm


Max.  diameter 100 mm
Max. length 660 mm
Max. and min. turning of the milling head -60°/+ 54°


Max. diameter 500 mm
Max. product length 1500 mm
CNC grinder for grinding cylindrical surfaces


Max. product diameter 1050 mm, max. length 3000mm


GibbsCAM production support


Kovoprog CAM system support